Juncture: Movie

Soundtrack: Music Production ‘Dangerous Child ‘- featured in trailer from 0:42

Juncture Movie

Juncture is an exciting motion picture in the Anna Carter trilogy – the gripping story of an ordinary woman turned vigilante. A controversial fast-paced action thriller that casts a harsh light on the darkness, perversion and greed that lurks just beneath the surface of today’s society

Anna Carter is on a mission. And only death will stop her.

“Juncture,” released by MTI Video, is a fantastic little movie. I’m a huge fan of revenge and vigilante films, and this is easily the best one I have seen in a while. The story is stronger than the recent films ‘Death Sentence’ or ‘The Dark Knight.’ This isn’t mean spirited like those. If I had to compare it to anything, it’s more along the lines of “The Brave One,” but it even tops that good Neil Jordan film starring Jodie Foster. The acting here is solid, the directing is stylistic, the images are visually appealing and the soundtrack is very atmospheric. I’m not saying that “Juncture” is perfectly executed by any means, but as far as complaints, surely they would have been cleared up had this indie been produced with a budget on par with those three I’ve already mentioned.
- CCF, August 2008